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Asylum cover


by G.Means & Kazimir Lee

128 pages ~ $15.00

A platonic love story and a heart-warming comedy about two nerdy card players trying to help their sprawling group of friends through the ups and downs of life.  

currently out of print. check back for future ordering information.
Penny Nichols cover

Penny Nichols

by MK Reed, G.Means & Matt Wiegle

208 pages ~ $19.99

Stuck working mind-numbing temp jobs, Penny Nichols yearns to break free from the rut she's found herself in. When, by chance, she falls in with a group of misfits making a no-budget horror movie called Blood Wedding, everything goes sideways. Soon her days are overrun with gory props, failed Shakespearean actors, a horny cameraman, and a disappearing director. Somehow Penny must hold it all together and keep the production from coming apart at the seams.

This hilarious graphic novel is a loving tribute to the chaos and camaraderie of D.I.Y. filmmaking, and the ways we find our future and our family in the unlikeliest of places.

Published with our friends at Top Shelf.

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My Brother the Dragon cover

My Brother the Dragon

A Picture Book for Kids by Galen Longstreth and Jonathan Hill

32 pages ~ $6.00

"I have a little brother who has dragons on the brain. It's dragons, dragons all day long. He's driving me insane."

Tugboat Press is proud to present our brand new picture book for kids. My Brother the Dragon is the story of two young siblings, a little brother who is obsessed with all things dragon related (dragon toothbrush, dragon underwear, dragon costumes, so many dragon toys) and an older sister who's had it up to here with all this dragon nonsense! Told in charming rhymes by Galen Longstreth and illustrated in full color with energy and humor by Jonathan Hill, My Brother the Dragon is a fun tale of sibling rivalries, childhood obsessions, and the little things that drive us crazy about the people we love.

Online ordering info coming soon.


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